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WMF Espresso Commercial Coffee Machine

Typical pricing for a WMF Espresso

Best for Coffee shops and Restaurants


The WMF Espresso is an elegant barista-style coffee machine built for absolutely anyone. Designed to be simple and straightforward to operate, this WMF coffee machine is the barista and allows its users to prepare coffee-shop favourites simply by pressing a button. 

Key Features:

  • 250 cups per day
  • Two groups
  • Plumbed in
  • 12 month warranty


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




The WMF Espresso has been built using cutting edge technology and makes use of numerous internal systems to ensure a consistently perfect brew.

From the moment the portafilter is inserted and a drink is selected, the WMF Espresso sets to work with precision. The beans held within either of its two air-cooled 550g hoppers are fed into the internal coffee grinder, tamped with just the right amount of pressure, and brewed at the perfect temperature for the optimal length of time. In short, everything you need for the perfect cup of coffee is taken care of by the WMF Espresso.

Perfect for cafes, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and just about any other commercial environment, the WMF Espresso comes with an assortment of handy features. These include a heated cup rack, a manually-controlled steam arm, an automatic steam arm, two programmable hot Water Solutions>Water Taps, and two steam jet cup-heaters. Capable of preparing several drinks at the same time, each machine has two portaheads that can accommodate either single or dual portafilters.

The CoffeeConnect system allows statistics and performance analytics to be monitored remotely. This intelligent system has different levels of membership you can access the level of features best suited to your business from being to be make purchases through the WMF store to observing tailor made and self made statistics.

While the WMF Espresso has undoubtedly been built with substance in mind, dont think for moment that style has been forgotten. Like the WMF 8000S before it, the WMF Espresso has won an iF DESIGN AWARD and was also awarded the Red Dot Award in 2015. Moreover, this hybrid-coffee machine can be seamlessly integrated with almost any style of interior decor thanks to the range of colours it is available in.

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