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WMF 9000S+ Commercial Coffee Machine

Typical pricing for a WMF 9000s+

Best for Cafe, Large Office, Medium Office, Pub, Restaurant


The most powerful of the WMF bean to cup range of coffee machines, the WMF 9000S+ has a maximum daily output of 350 cups and is able to create a wide selection of barista quality drinks.

Key Features:

  • 350 cups per day
  • Fresh milk
  • Plumbed in
  • Hot chocolate available


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




By allowing the user to meet the most specific requirements and consistently producing excellent quality coffee, this fully automatic coffee machine is sure to impress the most dedicated of coffee lovers and is perfect in even the most luxurious of settings. It’s ability to be used in either self-service mode and by service personnel, this innovative bean to cup coffee machine can be used in a range of high volume environments.

With the option for up to four different bean hoppers, two milk types such a dairy and soy, and a chocolate powder, and hot or cold milk foam, this WMF coffee machine can offer an unimaginable range of beverage choices. Each drink can be customised through the Pre-Select or Post-Select functions (depending on the mode setting) which allows the cup size, coffee strength and milk type to be selected. Further refinement can be achieved through the ability to adjust the coffee quantity, water volume, water temperate and the blend of coffee beans from the different bean hoppers to truly define the flavour profile of the coffee. This allows the barista to create their desired coffee taste within each selection which can be easily saved for quick production next time

The innovative interface offers multiple user modes appropriate for different settings and uses, each operating system can be customised to meet the needs of each individual premises. The 10-inch touch screen display features intuitive operation for both service personnel or self-service customers with an easy to understand selection menu and a step by step guide throughout the selection process. Advertising and marketing material can be integrated into the interface to show messages during the brewing time. The language can also be selected, useful in multi-cultural environments such as hotels, train stations and airports, and tourist attractions.

Heavy-duty components ensure that this work-horse is up for the challenge with a durable brewer, high-performing grinders, and powerful pump. This machine is easy to maintain with a fully automatic cleaning system and easily removable components. The machine can be maintained on a daily basis with very little training, perfect for places with a high turnover of staff. The CoffeeConnect feature collects statistics on the machine performance so that performance can be optimised for increased turnover. Tailor-made and self-made statistics can also be produces. This system also enables the user to make purchases and access tools such as the Know-How centre.

This sleek and professional looking machine features large LED panels which makes it stand out in any environments. Its stylish appearance means that the WMF 9000S+ is at home in luxury and professional environments but is accessible enough to be used by anyone, anywhere.

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