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WMF 5000S+ Commercial Coffee Machine

Typical pricing for a WMF 5000s+

Best for Cafe, Large Office, Medium Office, Pub, Restaurant


The WMF 5000S+ represents pure coffee excellence and effortless performance. This capable bean to cup machine is able to satisfy all your customers requirements. 

Key Features:

  • 250 cups per day
  • Fresh milk
  • Plumbed in
  • Hot chocolate available


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




 This coffee machine is able to produce a whole host of beverage options with two different grinders, two different milk options, a chocolate hopper and the possibility to have a Syrup Station.

This bean to cup machine is suited for medium to high volume environments that serve on average 250 cups per day. This high level of performance is maintained through a robust and durable design, high-grade components and the latest technology. From the heavy-duty brewer to the optimized boiler, this coffee machine was built to perform.

The user-friendly operates around a large 10” display with intuitive operation so that ordering is made simple in both served and self-service situations. The interface is clearly structured and can facilitate custom designs such as drink images and video that make the drink selection process straightforward for the customer.

This coffee machine is future-proofed through it digital connectivity which enables the use of the WMF CoffeeConnect system. This system enables you to collects insightful data which allows you to optimise your machine to drive sales and increase revenue. The data abilities depend on what level of membership you have with CoffeeContect. This system also features a range of other useful elements such as access to the Know-How centre and the WMF Store.

This coffee machine is available in range of different milk systems from the entry level Easy Milk system, to the Dynamic Milk system with Auto Steam. This coffee machine is able to make both hot and cold milk foam with both the Easy Milk and the Dynamic Milk system.

The Easy Steam system uses a semi-automatic steam wand with a temperature sensor so that steam stops when the desired temperature is reached. The Auto Steam system automatic froths milk to an adaptable thickness and temperature. This system makes creating barista-quality milk foam easy. The ability to offer two different milk types enables to offer options such as non-dairy alternatives or low-fat milk.

A new feature on this coffee machine is the Fresh Filtered Coffee system which enables you to serve both coffee specialities and filter coffee from the same machine. The new filter capsule system offers freshly brewed coffee that is filtered to remove the sediment and oils for a flavourful coffee.

The Dynamic Coffee and Dynamic Milk Assist systems guarantees the highest quality coffee and milk so that your coffee specialities are of barista quality every time. The Dynamic Coffee Assist automatic adjusts the machine parameters to ensure that each coffee is of the same consistent quality. Meanwhile, the Dynamic Milk Assist uses state-of-the-art sensors to continuously monitor the milk temperature and flow so that the milk foam is always of exceptional quality.

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