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WMF 1500S+ Commercial Coffee Machine

Typical pricing for a WMF 1500s+

Best for Cafe, Large Office, Medium Office, Pub, Restaurant


The WMF 1500S+ features a large 10-inch touchscreen display capable of providing in-depth information including nutritional information and promotional offers.

Key Features:

  • 180 cups per day
  • Fresh milk
  • Plumbed in
  • Hot chocolate available


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




This flexible bean to cup machine features a range of templates that can be configured visually, functionally and linguistically to meet the requirements of a variety of user types. With a number of innovative technologies, this advanced, fully automatic coffee machine is able to serve a range of medium size businesses.

It’s an ideal coffee machine for small and medium-sized offices looking for very high quality coffee.

The interactive touchscreen display provides an easy-to-use interface which can facilitate custom designs using different colour schemes, images, and videos. The intuitive operation makes selecting a drink easy, proving it as a great self-service solution. The toolbar allows users to customise drinks to meet their requirements. The CoffeeConnect features enables statistics to be produced based on the machines performance which can be monitored remotely through wireless connection. This feature can also enable the user to make WMF store purchases, access tools such as the Know-How centre and tailor make statistics for individual monitoring.

The WMF 1500S+ delivers high quality coffee every time with the Dynamic Coffee Assist which guarantees the highest quality espressos. Once the quality has been set, the variables, such as coffee quantity and grind, are adjusted automatically so that the brew time and extraction remain the same. The Milk Excellence Sensor monitors the milk quality within the Dynamic Milk system using ultrasonic-technology and automatically adjusts the settings if irregularities are detected.

The intelligent bean to cup coffee machine can even auto-adjust the height of the spout depending on the preset stored for each recipe. By adjusting the height, the coffee remains at the perfect temperature and coffee splashes are avoided. In self-service mode, the PostSelection feature guides users through the customisation options, such as cup size, caffeinated or decaffeinated, and coffee strength, until they have their desired beverage. The time during which their drink is being prepared can be used for to show advertising and marketing on the large LED display.

The option for up to two coffee hoppers, each with their own grinder, and a chocolate hopper, as well as the option for the manual input of ground coffee, allows for a vast range drinks options. The Dynamic Milk and Easy Milk versions also enable the creation of cold milk beverages. The Dynamic milk system is able to produce cold milk foam for iced coffee specialities as well as 4 different milk foam qualities. The WMF Syrup Station can be added for further expansion of your drinks menu. This milk system also offers the super convenient Clean-In-Place system which makes cleaning the milk system quick and easy without any need to remove any components. By enabling the addition of flavoured syrups, fruit purées or spirits to beverage, The Syrup Station provides your customers with almost endless drinks options to choose from.

Additionally, the WMF 1500s+’s automatic cleaning functions work together to make daily cleaning tasks simple and quick, reducing manual efforts to a minimum. This bean to cup coffee machine can be used with a water tank with the Basic Milk system or main supply with the Dynamic and Easy Milk systems, giving it the flexibility to be used anywhere.

The modern design of this commercial coffee machine with LED side panels reflects the advanced technology it features and ensures that it looks professional and attractive. This bean to cup machine is versatile enough to be used in a range of settings. With an hourly maximum of up to 180 cups, this machine is capable of serving high volumes.

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