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Westomatic Snackpoint Food, Snacks and Drinks Vending Machine

Typical pricing for a Westomatic Snackpoint Food, Snacks and Drinks Vending Machine

Best for Colleges, Gyms, Hospitality, Hotels, Public spaces, Universities, Waiting rooms, Conference, Education, Healthcare, Large Office, Leisure, Medium Office, Retail, Small Office


The Westomatic Snackpoint vending machine is an incredibly flexible machine. It’s capable of stocking an almost infinite number of products, from food and snacks to drinks and even ambient items like soap.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly, lightweight shelves to aid loading
  • Four core models available: Quattro, Quinto, Duo and Trio
  • Depending on the model you choose, stock between 318 and 464 items
  • Unique “Health Control” system ensuring fresh food is kept at the right temperature


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




Westomatic’s Snackpoint machine is a superior choice that will meet any vending need. It can hold drinks in can and bottle format, as well as sandwiches and more traditional snacks like chocolate bars and crisps. As it’s a spiral vending machine, you can even stock ambient items such as soap or toothpaste, so it’s like having a mini market that’s open 24/7.

In terms of the specifications, there’s a lot of variety to choose from based on the four core models.

  • Quattro – one temperature, can offer snacks and confectionery, holds up to 372 items
  • Quattro Max – as above, but can stock drinks in cans and bottles as well as snacks
  • Quinto – same as the Quattro but with bigger capacity to hold 464 items
  • Quinto Max – as above but can hold bottles and cans
  • Duo – dual temperature, stocks snacks, drinks (bottles and cans) and food (sandwiches). Also has a touch screen.
  • Trio – as above, but with smaller footprint (just 750m wide)

The LCD touchscreen (as seen on the Duo and Trio models) is a great opportunity to get your branding out there, or any other promotional message.

For the operator, maintenance is super easy. All Snackpoint models have lightweight product trays and a fully removable refrigeration unit, so you can carry out services or cleaning with minimal fuss.

Due to the impressive amount of flexibility on offer, the Westomatic Snackpoint would suit almost any environment, from hotels and guesthouses to offices, gyms, leisure centres, hospitals and education settings like colleges and universities.

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