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Vending Machines To Buy, Lease & Rent

Vending machines nowadays offer a wide variety of food and drink options. They’re no longer just all about convenience at the cost of quality, either. Customers all over the UK are fast becoming used to buying some excellent drinks, snacks, and even full meals, from vending machines.

Improvements in the diversity and quality of items you can buy from a vending machine have meant that they’re no longer just found in public places like train stations, petrol stations, and hospitals. These days it’s not uncommon for workplaces and colleges to generate revenue and offer self-service convenience to their staff and students.

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Necta Melodia Snack Vending Machine

The Necta Melodia Classic snack vending machine is a smart choice for busy areas that are tight on space. With two models to choose from, you can serve either just snacks or a combination of snacks and drinks.

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What Kind of Vending Machines Can I Buy, Lease, or Rent?

There is no shortage of options for the kind of vending machine you want to install. This decision comes down to what you think will be most valuable to the people who will use it. Remember that you’d want the vending machine to, at least, cover its cost. To do this, it has to offer products that are most likely to sell.

Here’s a list of the different kinds of vending machines that we have in our selection.

Coffee Vending Machines

There’s a huge variety of coffee machines that you can use in a vending capacity. From simple, instant coffee and tea dispensers through to high-end bean-to-cup coffee makers that can throw together a beautiful, delicious cappuccino – we’ve got you covered.

Snack Vending Machines

The days of snack vending machines serving only unhealthy treated like chocolate bars and packets of crisps are behind us. Obvious, there’s still a market for these yummy treats, but customers are also becoming accustomed to buying fruit and other natural snacks from vending machines.

Meal Vending Machines

Some workplaces who want to maximise their staff’s productivity use vending machines that dispense full meals. Refrigeration and advanced dispensing mechanisms mean that customers can obtain meals of a wide variety from a vending machine.

Drink Vending Machines

From bottled water to cans of Coca Cola, these vending machines can serve virtually any drink available at a convenience store.

Micro-Markets or Express Hubs

These innovative vending machines are basically convenience stores in a box. While they’re extremely popular outside of the UK, it’s only been recently that they’ve started popping up on our shores. Essentially, a micro-market is a collection of complimentary vending machines placed next to each other, with a single point of payment.

Express Hubs are excellent alternatives to costly staff canteens. They offer everything (and more) that employees may need for their lunch breaks, without the drawbacks of dealing with issues like food production and staff overheads.

Vending Machine Payment Mechanisms

Our vending machines offer customers a variety of different payment mechanisms:

  • Contactless card
  • Debit/credit card
  • Preloaded staff cards
  • Cash (coins and notes)
  • Fob key
  • Free

It’s essential to choose the payment mechanism that’s best suited to the vending machine’s location, purpose, and typical customer.

Choosing Whether to Buy, Lease, or Rent Your Vending Machine

Once you’ve made up your mind about the kind of vending machine your location needs, it’s time to choose how you’re going to pay for it. We offer three options, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Buying a Vending Machine

The main benefit of buying a vending machine is that it becomes an asset for your business. As a result, you’re not tied into a contract with monthly payments. Since vending machines usually have a long lifespan, this option makes the most economic sense.

Oftentimes, prices will be negotiable with merchants who also supply the vending machine’s stock. For instance, if you can guarantee the supplier that you’ll purchase coffee beans directly from them, you have the leverage to request a discount on the purchase price.

The main drawback of buying a vending machine is that it’s a sizable initial investment. It’s not uncommon for a top-end product to cost in the region of £3,000 to £5,000.

Hiring a Vending Machine Service

Typically, a vending machine supplier will quote a weekly price. For this, you will have a fully serviced machine on your premises. In these cases, you will earn revenue as a percentage of the machine’s sales – typically in the region of 20%.

Leasing a Vending Machine

Leasing a vending machine represents the middle ground between buying and renting one. While there are still monthly installments, each one of these contributes to your eventual ownership of the product. Typically, when the contract term comes to an end, you have the option to buy the machine at a much lower cost than if you’d have bought it brand new.

In many cases, there will also be no need for a lump sum payment at the end of the contract. Many suppliers will create agreements whereby you will own the vending machine at the end of a term that’s usually 3 – 5 years long.

Who are the Best Vending Machine Suppliers?

At Bibium, our goal is to help you find the best supplier for your needs. There is a massive variety of options, each specializing in different machines and contract types.

Since there is a considerable demand for vending machines and many suppliers, there’s often room for negotiating over the price. We will help you obtain competitive quotes from several suppliers and advise you on making the right decision.