What is Bibium?

Bibium is your one-stop shop to find the best possible commercial coffee machine for you. Featuring thousands of independent user reviews, hundreds of coffee machines, and dozens of independent coffee machine suppliers, you can feel confident you’ll get the best deal and a painless procurement process.


Bibium’s Story

Part of the Honest Drinks Co Ltd family, Bibium began as a coffee company and coffee machine distributor. We spent years learning how the industry works — and doesn’t work. We learned all about how painful the process can be for office managers, cafe owners, pub landlords, and anyone else looking to delight their coworkers and customers with a cup of delicious coffee.

We thought there must be a better way, and we believe Bibium is it. We’re taking all the difficult and painful bits out of buying and leasing coffee machines.

Buy with confidence with Bibium

Trying to figure out which coffee machine is best for your workplace has never been easier.