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Necta Tango Snack and Confectionery Vending Machine

Typical pricing for a Necta Tango Snack and Confectionery Vending Machine

Best for Conference, Education, Healthcare, Large Office, Leisure, Medium Office, Retail, Small Office


The Necta Tango Snack Vending machine offers customers a stylish choice and maximum flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Can hold up to 36 product selections when configured to just snacks
  • In the snacks and drinks (Combi) configuration, it can hold 40 product lines
  • Perfect for medium to large locations
  • Highly energy efficient (A+ rating)


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




The Tango snack and drinks vending machine is the newest solution offered by market leader Necta.

It offers maximum flexibility, allowing you to stock either all snacks or a mix of snacks and drinks. When configured to the all snacks model, it has 6 trays offering 36 selections (466 products total). If set up as the Combi model, it has 2 trays of snacks, 2 trays of confectionery, 1 tray of bottles and 1 tray of cans, offering 40 product lines in total. Tango is one of Necta’s best machines for maximum flexibility, letting you offer a wide range of sweets, healthy snacks, crisps, bottles or cans of drinks.

In keeping with Necta’s other machines, Tango has a sleek design and the product window is extremely large, letting everyone see what’s on offer. The product display cabinet is lit with LED lights, so the products always look their best. The Tango will enhance any location it stands in, from offices to leisure centres, hospitality settings to public spaces.

There’s the option to set the temperature to different levels inside the cabinet, so you can serve drinks and snacks at their best. The energy efficient cooling unit means the Necta Tango has achieved the highest possible A+ energy rating.

This is a smart, value for money vending machine choice for medium to large locations looking to offer maximum choice to their customers.

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