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Necta Diesis Cold Drinks Vending Machine

Typical pricing for a Crane BevMax 35 Cold Drinks Vending Machine

Best for Colleges, Gyms, Hospitality, Hotels, Public spaces, Universities, Waiting rooms, Conference, Education, Healthcare, Large Office, Leisure, Medium Office, Retail, Small Office


The Diesis cold drinks machine is made by vending machine experts, Necta. It can offer drinks in both bottles and cans, and is a slim line free-standing unit, perfect for offices, leisure and hospitality settings.

Key Features:

  • Available in two models: the Diesis 500 and the Diesis 700
  • The Diesis 500 can hold 5 drink selections
  • Diesis 700 has 7 drink selections
  • Can serve bottles or cans, or a mix


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




The Diesis is a good looking, reliable cold drinks machine that doesn’t take up too much floor space. Standing less than 80cm wide, it can meet your customer’s drinks needs with minimal fuss and effort.

The Diesis 500 can offer 5 different product selections, whereas the Diesis 700 can offer up to 7. Choose from bottles or cans, or a mix of the two. No matter which model you choose, the Diesis will hold a minimum of 750 products in total, so you won’t be having to re-stock every five minutes. When you do need to fill it up, you have direct access to the trays from the front so refilling is a very straightforward process.

For the user, the eye catching LED-lit panel is sure to boost impulse sales. The user interface is simple and well designed, so it’s easy to read product labels and make the right selection. When it comes to paying, the Necta Diesis can handle coins, cards and notes, so it’s very flexibile and convenient.

One of the design features that sets the Diesis apart from its rivals is it’s ergonomically designed delivery tray. It opens from the top, with a clear plastic lid, so it’s easy to see what’s inside and you could even pick your drink up with one hand.

In summary, this is a fantastically efficient and well-designed machine that isn’t going to let you down. Perfect for offices, leisure centres, gyms, any sort of waiting area or education setting like a college or University campus. If you’re thinking of buying a vending machine, be sure to read our handy guide.

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