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Necta Canto Touch Drinks Machine

Typical pricing for a Necta Canto Touch Drinks Machine

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The Canto Touch is the newest hot drinks machine from industry leader Necta. With a beautiful 21.5″ full HD touch screen, the Canto Touch is a top of the range machine, offering all your high street favourites from cappuccinos to espressos and cafe lattes.

Key Features:

  • Offer to to 56 drink selections
  • Eye-catching touchscreen display
  • Ability to offer two different cup sizes, so you can serve an espresso in the right sized cup
  • Super user friendly with beautiful images to sell the drinks


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




The Necta Canto Touch is the top of the range hot drinks machine from Necta, one of the leading players in the vending machine market.

Bring all the magic of a high street coffee shop into your workplace by letting your customers choose from a highly customisable list of up to 56 different drinks, all at the touch of a button. From double espressos to cappuccinos, the Canto Touch lets you determine all the settings to produce a coffee an Italian barista would be proud of.

The touch screen is a colourful and eye-catching addition to this premium model. The images of the drinks help inform customers what to expect, as well as advertising what’s on offer. The display can even be programmed to show the nutritional value of each drink, making the Necta Canto Touch ideal for health-conscious settings such as gyms or other leisure and healthcare spaces.

The 21.5″ screen is fully HD, and can be programmed to show promotional messages as well as videos. You can even connect to an RSS feed to show live news, perfect for reception and waiting areas.

As with all of Necta’s machines, maintenance is very user-friendly with colour coded internal units. This makes it easy to train your staff on how to do the cleaning and upkeep routines.

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