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La Cimbali S20 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Typical pricing for a La Cimbali S20

Best for Cafe, Hotel, Large Office, Leisure, Pub, Restaurant, Retail


The La Cimbali S20 is a bean to cup coffee machine that strives to create the highest quality coffee. 

Key Features:

  • Hot chocolate available
  • Up to 200 cups a day
  • Plumbed in
  • 1 year warranty


5 / 5





Ease of Use




Able to serve up to 200 cups per day, this high performing coffee machine is suitable for medium to large size businesses. However, for high volume environments this coffee machine can be configured in the Power Station mode where two machines can simultaneously make milk-based drinks using a single fridge, allowing you to optimise your counter space.

This smart looking coffee machine is able to offer a wide range of drinks options. The built-in soluble canister allows for chocolate power to be used enabling hot chocolate and coffee/chocolate based drinks to also be available. The technological innovations within this coffee machine derive from traditional espresso machine to produce a coffee with exception taste and aroma. The preheated, entirely metal group head allows you to achieve the best coffee results with no more effort than pressing a button.

The option for a TurboSteam Cold Touch wand allows you to have more control over the milk frothing process, more like that of a barista. The non-stick metal features cool touch technology to ensure the wand is always cool to the touch. New titanium grinders ensure that you get the best flavour and aroma from your coffee beans.

The large 7” touchscreen display features clear graphical menu items to make selecting a drink a quick and simple process. The display can be customised to meet the need of your business with screensavers and during the brewing time. This feature allows you to display marketing and advertising materials through a USB stick. Video clips and animations can be used to help the customer through the selection process for a simple and intuitive experience. Cleaning is made simple with the automatic washing system (AWS) which thoroughly cleans to the maximum hygiene levels.

It doesn’t stop there, this advanced coffee machine also features an integrated bidirectional Wi-Fi system which allows you to remotely communicated with the La Cimbali S20 to update software, set recipes and customise images.

With the large display screen made from tampered glass and black and silver finish, this bean to cup machine has an overall professional finish making it great for customer facing environments like pubs, restaurants, large offices, hotels and public spaces.

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