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La Cimbali M39 Espresso Machine

Typical pricing for a La Cimbali M39

Best for Cafe, Coffee Shop, Pub, Restaurant


The La Cimbali M39 T.E. Dosatron is a top of the line espresso machine designed to develop and improve your business. 

Key Features:

  • Two, three or four groups
  • Up to 400 cups a day
  • Plumbed in
  • 1 year warranty


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




This intelligent espresso machine is destined to be a barista partner in the workplace. With a new look and many new innovative solutions, this espresso machine is built to perform.

With connectivity becoming more and more vital in every business, it is important that your coffee machine can keep up with technology. This technologically advanced coffee machine allows the use of interfaces through both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Through WiFi connection you are able to connect to the assistance center for send statistics and monitoring data which enables you to optimise intervention times. Bluetooth connectivity can be used with a Bluetooth enabled grinder-doser in order to perfect the grinding process. By communicating information wirelessly about the extraction parameters, the correct grind can always be achieved for the best extraction.

As milk-based coffee drinks are amongst the most popular on the menu it is important to get the milk foam just right. The TurboSteam Milk4 wand allows you to achieve 4 different milk qualities of milk foam: non frothed hot milk, light foam, standard foam and a lot of foam, perfect for creamy cappuccinos. There is also the option to froth small quantities of milk which is great during quiet periods and minimises ingredient waste.

With our environmental impact becoming increasingly important, the La Cimbali M39 has many energy saving features. The energy saving mode lowers the pressure of the boiler during quiet periods. This function can be activated manually by pressing the OK buttons for 3 seconds. As the machine is not fully switched off, it can be back up and running again in less than 2 minutes. The Smart Boiler keep the boiler pressure constant which reduces energy usage whilst maximising steam production and the restoration of water. This also ensures thermal stability for the best in-cup results.

The overall design of this machine aims to be both pleasing to the eye and ergonomic to use. With quality features inside and out, this espresso machine is a joy to work with and is able to keep up with the demands of the HoReCa industry.

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