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La Cimbali M26 Espresso Machine

Typical pricing for a La Cimbali M26

Best for Cafe, Coffee Shop, Pub, Restaurant


The La Cimbali M26 machine is designed to be easy to use in every sense. From operating to machine maintenance, this ergonomic and versatile espresso machine is made using quality components to produce a coffee machine that you can rely on.

Key Features:

  • One, two or three groups
  • Up to 250 cups a day
  • Plumbed in
  • 1 year warranty


3.5 / 5





Ease of Use




This versatile machine is available with the choice of either 1 group, 2 groups, or 3 groups as well as a compact 2 group version and a tall version so there is sure to be a machine for every situation. There are three versions of this machine, the BE, the SE and the TE. The BE version is the more basic of the three whilst the SE boasts a lot more standard features and the TE more again with features like the Milk4 TurboSteam.

The BE version focuses on what it does best and that is make great espresso. This no thrill or spill coffee machine offers easy use, basic electronics, and a cup warmer. 

The SE version of this La Cimbali coffee machine boasts newton electronics, a digital display, some energy saving features, smart boiler and the option for remote monitoring. The premium TE model features Milk4 TurboSteam for easy milk frothing. This top of the range machine is also full energy saving features, Bluetooth, Newton electronic, digital display and a smart boiler.

The compact version of the La Cimbali M24 is ideal for places with limited space. This small machine features the same reliability and quality as the larger versions of this machine.

As a robust and reliable espresso machine made from quality components, this range of La Cimbali coffee machines is great for premises that expect the most from their machine.

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