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Franke A600 Commercial Coffee Machine

Typical pricing for a Franke A600

Best for Cafe, Education, Healthcare, Hotel, Large Office, Leisure, Pub, Restaurant, Retail


The Franke A600 is a versatile automatic bean to cup machine that is capable of increasing efficiency and usability. 

Key Features:

  • 180 cups per day
  • Fresh milk
  • Plumbed in
  • Hot chocolate available


2.5 / 5





Ease of Use




With the option to use three user interfaces, this coffee machine is able to offer intuitive operation as a self-service solution.

The ability to adapt the display to meet your requirements allows you to customise your user experience and increase sales. With a simple guided operation, this bean to cup machine makes the process quick and simple for everybody. The large multimedia display not only offers intuitive operation with simple graphical menu items and easy adaptation of drinks, but also offers advertising opportunities. By enabling advertising messages and images sales can be increased through attractive displays.

The numerous drinks options available to this machines mean that the possibilities are endless. The ability to set individual drinks options allows you to meet the demands of your customers with ease.

Able to support two chocolate hoppers, three different coffee flavours and offer hot or cold milk, this Franke machine is sure to please any taste. The FoamMaster™ is an option for this Franke machine and increasing your drink selection to unbelievable levels. This incredible feature allows you to create speciality drinks such as latte macchiatos, cappuccinos and creamy milkshakes to name a few. The FoamMaster™ makes creating barista quality drinks as simple as pressing a button.

The advanced iQFlow™ system fine tunes the grinding process for exceptional extraction quality to a level only previously achieved by highly skilled baristas. This intelligent technology allows you to have the flavour profile and aromas that would rival that of coffee shop coffee. By excessing a more refined level of flavour, you are able to tailor the coffee extraction to meet your individual taste.

Hygiene standards are easily met to the highest levels with the strictest HACCP hygiene requirements being met. Providing superior cleanliness, the automatic cleaning cycle makes the cleaning process simpler and quicker.

This intelligent bean to cup machine offer so many possibilities making it the perfect machine are a whole host of environments. Able to produce quality coffee worthy to be served in restaurants, bars and cafes but simple enough to be used as a self-service machine in offices, hotels and cafeterias.

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