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Franke A200

Typical pricing for a Franke A200

Best for Hotel, Leisure, Medium Office, Pub, Restaurant, Small Office


Focused on enjoyment both of the finished coffee product and its production, the Franke A200 produces high-quality coffee that is prepared quickly and with ease. 

Key Features:

  • 70 cups per day
  • Fresh milk
  • Plumbed in
  • Hot chocolate available


3 / 5





Ease of Use




Designed to be used without any training or reliance on a manual, this commercial coffee machine is refreshingly simple to use, offers numerous customisation options and allows users to save up to 36 hot drink recipes. It allows users to choose which grinder to feed from, the duration of brewing time, and the amount of milk. Being able to arrange the layout of the menu means that the most popular selections can be placed on the first screen, while the intuitive user interface clearly guides users through the simple process.

With countless different beverage possibilities, the Franke A200 bean to cup coffee machine provides a wide variety of beverages that are consistently produced to a level of quality that can be relied on. Each drink is made to the same high standard that you’d expect from trained baristas; complete with perfect crema, a choice of coffee bean variety, and uniform quality in every single cup. Milk is a key aspect of many speciality coffees and with the choice between manual or automatic milk foam production, this convenient commercial coffee machine is able to produce the perfect milky finish for any coffee creation. Milk consistency can be easily adjusted to meet any number of requirements through the use of FoamMaster™ technology. This particular innovation allows administrators to set and save the milk consistency for each beverage selection and provides consistent high quality hot and cold milk foam, even under high demand.

The cleaning process is also made straightforward through on-screen illustrations and prompts that provide step-by-step guidance through the cycle. With clear instructions, the cleaning of this commercial coffee machine can be undertaken by any member of staff with absolutely no training required whatsoever. A feature that inevitably saves time and expense, particularly for environments with high staff turnover. What’s more, the fully automatic CleanMaster cleaning cycle runs the milk cleaning sequence from start to finish with no intervention needed. Once all activities have ceased, the Franke A200 will automatically enter standby mode to conserve energy.

Every element of this bean to cup coffee machine has been carefully thought out to ensure a smooth user experience. From the large, lockable bean hopper that ensures beans stay fresh whilst also being easy to refill, to the two ceramic grinders that can be simply, yet precisely, adjusted to the desired coarseness, everything is designed with ease of use and functionality in mind. Additionally, the brewing unit can easily be removed without the need for tools, making cleaning and maintenance simple.

The simple to use Franke A200 bean to cup coffee machine can be either tank fed or plumbed into a mains water supply. Its simple design means it would fit into any environment. This bean to cup coffee machine would be well suited to hotels, bars, restaurants and office environments.

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