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Fracino Bambino Espresso Machine

Typical pricing for an Fracino Bambino

Best for coffee shops and higher-end restaurants.


The Fracino Bambino espresso machine offers great value for money whilst still providing exceptional innovation and luxury. Based at their state-of-the-art production facility in Birmingham, UK, Fracino is a multi-award-winning espresso machine manufacturer that builds its machines using 90% British-made parts.

Key Features:

  • One or two groups
  • Up to 100 cups a day
  • Plumbed or Water tank
  • 1 year warranty


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




With their espresso machines installed in coffee shops, restaurants, gastro pubs and luxury hotels throughout England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the rest of the world, Fracino are well-practised in making great quality coffee for customers and great profit margins for retailers.

One of the most remarkable things about the Fracino Bambino espresso machine is its size. Despite its incredibly compact design, this commercial espresso machine is available in both 1 and 2 group models, which makes it ideal for bars, pubs and cafes that are short on space. The advanced production methods that this Fracino coffee machine employs allows it to create exceptional coffee consistently and the integrated steam wand allows baristas to produce a number of milky coffee specialities such as latte, macchiato, and cappuccino. The Fracino Bambino also has a convenient hot water tap that makes preparing tea, hot chocolate or even soup a quick and easy task.

Each and every Fracino Bambino espresso machine is built using the finest materials and most robust hand-made components possible. Available as either a semi-automatic or electronic espresso machine, the Fracino Bambino can be operated in one of two distinct yet complementary ways: one being a simple rocker switch and the other being pre-programmed coffee doses with an override option.

To ensure its strength and durability, this commercial espresso machine is made with strong stainless steel with a chassis coated with Zintec powder for further protection and an attractive metallic anthracite finish. Attractive stainless steel sides can be added as an optional extra for an even more high-quality finish, giving the Fracino Bambino an additional sense of style and class.

This compact yet powerful Fracino coffee machine is able to serve a range of business models with a maximum hourly capacity of up to 400 cups of coffee and a hot water production rate of up to 50 litres per hour. The boiler has a capacity of up to 10 litres, which is more than enough to cope with large demands.

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