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Commercial Filter Coffee Machines to Buy, Rent and Lease

If your goal is to provide your staff with great-tasting coffee with the least amount of cost and effort, a commercial coffee filter machine is an excellent choice. Many employers are tempted by more automated options like a bean-to-cup machine, but nothing beats a good old-fashioned filter machine when it comes to saving on cost and maintenance effort.

Don’t let the absence of fancy switches, levers, and other controls fool you – if you use good quality coffee grounds in one of these machines, you’re still guaranteed a delicious cup of your favourite hot beverage.

Modern commercial filter coffee machines are also not the eyesores we’ve become used to over the years. Nowadays, they come in a wide variety of stylish, elegant designs that are sure to add a touch of class to your office kitchen or canteen.

For more information on our range of commercial filter coffee machines, browse this page, or give us a call on 0800 955 2129. We’d be happy to provide you with all the information you need to choose a product that suits your needs and budget.

Melitta 600

The Melitta 600 modular filter coffee machine offers flexible coffee preparation, perfect for hotels and conference centres.

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Bravilor B20

Part of the Bravilor Bonamat B-series, the B20 is a round filter coffee machine designed to produce a lot of coffee in a very short space of time.

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Bravilor Bonamat B10 L/R

Stainless steel filtering machine for locations with a fixed water connection. Brews large quantities of coffee into a container for serving in large volumes.

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Bravilor B40

A high-performance coffee machine for high-performance environments, the Bravilor Bonamat B40 can store up to 80L of filter coffee at any one time and is capable of brewing 40L in just 17 minutes.

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Bravilor Bonamat Aurora

Allowing you to serve four different volumes of coffee (1.9L, 2.2L, 3.8L, or 5.7L), the Bravilor Bonamat Aurora lets you to brew large quantities of coffee at once

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How to Use a Commercial Filter Coffee Machine

The basics of all filter coffee machines are the same, although there are some small exceptions. Whereas traditional coffee machines produce pressure internally to pass boiling water through coffee grinds, filter machines rely on gravity for this purpose.

First, you need to add ground coffee beans to the machine’s filtering mechanism. With some of the older and more affordable models, this is a simple paper filter that can only be used once. Newer, higher-end machines employ a reusable mesh filter that just has to be removed and cleaned after every brew.

The amount of coffee you put into the filter depends on how much coffee you intend to make. Typically, you need two modest tablespoons for every cup of coffee you want to make.

Next, boil water in a kettle and pour the required amount into the coffee machine. The receptacle is usually positioned directly above the filter. Many commercial filter coffee machines will also take care of the boiling process themselves – all you have to do is add the required amount of water.

Once you add the boiling water (or the machine has boiled the water itself), the drip process starts. This is exactly as it sounds. Gravity makes the boiling water drip from its receptacle into the filter containing the coffee grounds. As the water passes through the coffee, it becomes infused with flavour. The filter makes sure none of the coffee grounds makes it into the pot, collecting your freshly brewed coffee.

Who Should Use a Commercial Filter Coffee Machine?

Small commercial filter coffee machines are ideal for offices that don’t have the plumbing or budget necessary for an automated bean-to-cup machine. Since water is added externally and only boiled whenever you make a fresh brew, they are also more energy-efficient.

Small hotels and restaurants also frequently use larger commercial filter coffee machines that cater to a larger coffee per brew volume. These are usually referred to as “bulk” filter coffee machines and come in various sizes and output capacities.

Bulk commercial filter coffee machines are often used by catering companies, conference facilities, and self-service restaurants like buffets.

Filter vs. Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

It’s not uncommon for customers to misunderstand the difference between commercial filter coffee machines and bean-to-cup machines. Let’s take a very quick look at the major differences between the two.

Bean-to-cup Coffee Machines

Simply put, bean-to-cup coffee machines produce espresso, which they can automatically modify with milk to create other coffee-based drinks like cappuccinos and cafe lattes. The water is passed through the ground coffee using internally-generated pressure. This typically results in a thicker, richer coffee than a filter machine can produce.

Even though the results are usually of higher quality, these machines are expensive to buy, rent, or lease. They also require dedicated plumbing fixtures. Since there are also many more moving parts involved, maintenance can become a costly issue.

Filter Coffee Machines

As described earlier, filter coffee machines rely on gravity to make water to pass through the coffee grounds. The absence of extra pressure means that the resulting liquid won’t have as rich a flavour as with a bean-to-cup machine. Interestingly, filtered coffee is also less acidic than an espresso.

However, the benefit is that these machines fit into a smaller space, are cheaper to buy, rent, or lease, and require less maintenance than bean-to-cup machines.

The Three Best Commercial Filter Coffee Machines

Bravilor B20

This machine has one purpose: to brew a tremendous amount of coffee in a short space of time. This beast of a machine can brew up to 20 liters of coffee in under 15 minutes. Its total storage capacity is an astonishing 40 liters – making it the ideal machine for busy self-service restaurants or hotels.

Furthermore, the Bravilor B20 also has four dispensing points, meaning that annoying queues will be cut down to a quarter of what a single-dispensing machine will experience.

Bravilor THa

The Bravilor THa dispenses its brewed coffee into a vacuum flask instead of a cup or typical coffee pot. It can prepare 18 liters in an hour, but only 8 minutes for the equivalent of 18 cups of coffee.

It’s an extremely elegant-looking machine when compared to other models that dispense coffee into flasks. It also contains several helpful features like an indicator when the coffee has finished brewing or needs descaling (the removal of calcium and magnesium deposits on the heating element).

Melitta 600

This little beauty may be on the expensive side, but the quality of the coffee it produces is exceptional compared to other commercial filter coffee machines. It also comes with a hot water dispenser, meaning that it can fill a teapot or cup with ready-boiled water.