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WMF Espresso

The WMF Espresso is an elegant barista-style coffee machine built for absolutely anyone. Designed to be simple and straightforward to operate, this WMF coffee machine is the barista and allows its users to prepare coffee-shop favourites simply by pressing a button.

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WMF 1300s

The WMF 1300s is extremely reliable and robust with a wide variety of drink choices available. It’s also very easy to use.

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WMF 9000S+

The most powerful of the WMF bean to cup range of coffee machines, the WMF 9000S+ has a maximum daily output of 350 cups and is able to create a wide selection of barista quality drinks.

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WMF 5000S+

The WMF 5000S+ represents pure coffee excellence and effortless performance. This capable bean to cup machine is able to satisfy all your customers requirements.

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WMF 1500S+

The WMF 1500S+ features a large 10-inch touchscreen display capable of providing in-depth information including nutritional information and promotional offers.

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WMF 1100S

The ultimate solution to your office coffee machine needs, the WMF 1100S is a quality addition to your workplace. This reliable bean to cup machine offers intuitive operation that requires no training and a wide selection of beverage options.

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