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Coffetek Neo Coffee Vending Machine

Typical pricing for a Coffetek Neo Coffee Vending Machine

Best for Conference, Education, Healthcare, Large Office, Leisure, Medium Office, Retail, Small Office


The Neo is a gorgeous-looking, quality coffee machine from coffee experts Coffetek. Bring the coffee shop to your customers by offering them all their favourite drinks at the touch of a button.

Key Features:

  • Up to 14 different drinks options, from espresso and cappuccino to tea, hot chocolate and hot and cold water
  • Payment system can handle coin and contactless
  • Jug option for meetings and conferences
  • Choose your display wallpaper to perfectly compliment your environment


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




The Neo is Coffetek’s top of the range hot drink vending machine option. It combines sleek looks, superior drink options and technological advances to make it one of the best options in the marketplace.

Offer barista style coffees such as espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and mochas, as well as tea and hot chocolate. All the coffee drinks are available in decaf options, and you can also choose to add an extra shot if you wish. The Neo can be set up to prepare coffee using instant powder or fresh coffee beans, just like on the high street. The microfoam feature means that milky drinks are smooth and frothy, enabling you to charge a premium compared to other vending machine options.

For conferences and meetings, there’s the jug option so you can make a big batch of coffee ready to serve to your clients.

The sleek, smoked black glass design makes the Coffetek Neo stand out and adds to its premium appearance. You can select the wallpaper display, so that the imagery used on the screen perfectly blends in with your setting.

The Coffetek Neo is also environmentally friendly, with an energy saving mode that automatically shuts down when the machine isn’t being used.

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