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Franke A800

Typical pricing for a Franke A800

Best for Cafe, Education, Healthcare, Hotel, Large Office, Leisure, Pub, Restaurant, Retail


The Franke A800 offers exceptional variety whilst delivering the highest performance to meet any demand.

Key Features:

  • 400 cups per day
  • Fresh milk
  • Plumbed in
  • Hot chocolate available


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




The triple boiler system ensures that this Franke bean to cup coffee machine can easily produce large orders simultaneously. Not only can this coffee machine provide high quantities, it can also do it with speed, consequently reducing waiting times and increasing sales. The ability to undertake multiple tasks at once, such as brewing coffee, foaming milk, and producing hot water, means that this bean to cup machine is particularly efficient.

By utilising FoamMaster™ technology, chocolate hopper, a maximum of three coffee grinders and a flavour station, the Franke A800 is able to offer unprecedented beverage selection from cold milk and coffee drinks, coffee specialities and chocolate creations.

Foam Master™ technology comes as standard on this Franke machine allowing you to creating impeccable milk foam with ease. The milk foam is produce with perfect consistency and texture for creamy cappuccinos and smooth lattes. By enabling the creation of both hot and cold milk foam, the FoamMaster™ introduces endless drink creations. The option for two milk varieties allows milk alternatives to also be used, a useful feature as veganism and alternative diets grow in popularity.

Give your customers the very best flavour and aroma by optimising the extraction process with the ground-breaking iQFlow™ technology. This intelligent technology alters the grind and extraction process to provide consistently high quality coffee in every serve. By combining state of the art technologies, this fully automated bean to cup machine is able to offer coffee shop quality coffee at the touch of a button.

The intuitive user interface utilises a 10.4-inch touchscreen which offers large graphical menu items for easy selection and simple operation. The high definition provides a quality finish and an attractive display. The Franke A800 is a highly versatile coffee machine with many options to customise with individual configuration options to meet the needs of each business. The high capacity of this bean to cup machine enables it for use in a range of busy environments such as large offices, cafeterias, restaurants and hospitals.

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