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Bravilor Bonamat Aurora

Typical pricing for a Bravilor Bonamat Aurora

Best for Catering, Conference, Hotel, Restaurant


Allowing you to serve four different volumes of coffee (1.9L, 2.2L, 3.8L, or 5.7L), the Bravilor Bonamat Aurora lets you to brew large quantities of coffee at once

Key Features:

  • 12 month warranty
  • Up to 200 cups per day
  • Water tank
  • 1.9L, 2.2L, 3.8L, or 5.7L


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




Perfect for environments where the coffee needs to keep flowing such as cafes, restaurants, educational and healthcare settings, conferences and offices.

This filter coffee machine allows you use the pre-set programmes for a mild, regular or dark roast to meet your tastes. Through the touchscreen display you are able to adjust all aspects of the brewing process such as the temperature, the coffee to water ratio, the pre-infusion and the brewing time. 

This feature is useful is you wish to create your own blends or serve single-origin coffees. All recipes and parameters can be saved onto a RFID card which can be used on other brewers. Brewing time can also be reduced brewing time by using the water bypass function.

The quality of the coffee is enhanced with the use of the water spray head which has been developed to bring out the best aromatic and flavour qualities. This feature also reduces scaling. The valveless system with just one hot tap valve also reduces scale problems.

This easy to use, durable coffee machine is perfect for places who only wish to serve basic coffee requirements in large volumes and are not worried about all the theatrics that bean to cup or espresso machines offer.

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