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Billi Sahara Water Tap

Typical pricing for a Billi Sahara Water Tap

Best for Bars, Hospitality, Hotels, Kitchens, Education, Large Office, Medium Office, Restaurants, Small Office


The Billi Sahara water tap features a small footprint, filtered water, and a innovative splash free dispensing system.

Key Features:

  • Instant hot water at the touch of a lever
  • Filtered ambient water
  • Super compact under counter unit
  • Innovative “splash free” dispensing system


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




Looking for a professional hot water tap? The Billi Sahara tap range benefits from several of Billi’s unique product features. For starters, there’s its small footprint, as Billi taps have the smallest under-unit footprint of all instant hot tap products. Then there’s its energy efficiency. Finally, the Billi Sahara has superior filtration so each glass of water tastes delicious.

You can choose from two models – the Sahara 320 and the Sahara 360. The Sahara 320 is slightly smaller, suiting up to 20 users with a capacity of 120 boiling cups/hour. The larger Sahara 360 can accommodate 60 users, and produces 180 boiling cups/hour. And like all Billi taps, the speed at which the water heats and flows is one of the Sahara’s key selling points.

Another benefit of the Billi Sahara tap is the small under-counter unit. For example, Billi taps have a unique “splash free” pour system, that slows down the initial flow. This means there’s no splash-back as the water hits the cup.

All Billi taps have a superior filtration system that removes all sediment, chemicals and pesticides. In other words, the water you drink tastes clean and refreshing every time.

In terms of design, you can choose from four finishes, so you’ll always find something you like. For instance, there’s brushed or polished chrome. Or even rose gold; the choice is yours.

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