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Billi Quadra Instant Boiling Water Tap

Typical pricing for a Billi Quadra Instant Boiling Water Tap

Best for Bars, Hospitality, Hotels, Kitchens, Education, Large Office, Medium Office, Restaurants, Small Office


The Billi Quadra is a high performance instant hot water tap that prides itself on its speed, safety and compact size.

Key Features:

  • Smallest under counter unit vs. competitors in the market
  • Fastest hot pour speed in comparison with its rivals
  • Serve boiling or chilled filtered water at the touch of a button
  • Clever safety switch with a default lock that activates automatically after 8 seconds of not being used


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




The Billi Quadra is a market-leading, premium instant hot water tap. Designed for domestic or commercial use, and depending on the model you choose, the Billi Quadra has a huge capacity. As an example, the Quadra 4100 can accommodate 100+ users, and dispenses 250 boiling cups of water an hour. This makes it perfect for large offices or even hotels, education or healthcare settings.

The Billi Quadra has several claims to fame in the hot tap market. For a start, it has the smallest footprint of under-counter control unit. So if you are tight on kitchen space, the Quadra is an excellent choice.

Secondly, it’s the fastest pour tap out there, so if you’re expecting high demand this time-saving feature might be very useful. Lastly, the Billi Quadra is the only tap that doesn’t need ventilation, as the heating mechanism doesn’t rely on a cooling fan, and instead uses a water cooling system. This saves money and space, and is a really unique feature to Billi Quadra products.

Safety-wise, you’ll need to deactivate the built-in lock before the boiling water can be dispensed. The lock automatically switches itself on once the tap has gone 8 seconds without being used.

If you want to offer sparkling water, it’s possible to do this by upgrading to the Billi Sparkling.

This really is a premium tap and sure to compliment any location. Get in touch with Bibium and we’ll search the market to find you the four best quotes from rival suppliers. On average, we save our customers up to 24% compared to the brochure price.

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