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Astoria Storm Espresso Machine

Typical pricing for an Astoria Storm

Best for coffee shops and higher-end restaurants.


The Astoria Storm marries true craftsmanship with the latest technology. This advanced espresso machine allows baristas the freedom to experience and express their art in a straightforward and comfortable fashion.


Key Features:

  • Two or three groups
  • Up to 600 cups a day
  • Plumbed in
  • 1 year warranty


4.5 / 5





Ease of Use




With the rise of the artisanal approach, the role of the barista and their ability to express their individual preferences when achieve the perfect extraction is becoming more important as consumers are becoming more aware of the characteristics that define a great coffee from a good one.

This competition grade espresso machine enables the total control over the extraction process of single origin coffee. Brewing curve can be easily recorded and memorised so that the same curve can be easily applied automatically for consistent results. Within the FRC version of this coffee machine, the brewing curve is controlled through a manual drive paddle beside the group. This allows the barista to customise each brew to meet their needs. The display curve can be set using five different parameters in order to extract particular characteristics from the coffee. These 5 parameters include: quantity of water in pre-infusion, pre-infusion time, value, pressure and extraction rate.

The steam system has been improved within this espresso machine with the Barista Attitube anti-scald and cantilevered steam wand which reduces risk of burns by always being cool to the touch. The Super Dry steam technology produces dry stream and minimal initial condensation using a solenoid valve. Dry steam is always ready for use being discharged at 110ºC with continuously high performance guaranteed.

The design of this espresso machine not only ensures that the coffee machine looks great but that it also takes the barista’s natural movements and needs into account to produce a piece of equipment that is both functional and comfortable to use. The adjustable basin ensures that the coffee cup is always at the best position for dispensing. The founded shape of the coffee machine and the vertical extraction of the basin makes cleaning routines easier. The low design of this espresso machine enables the barista to effectively communicate with the customer in order to build a good customer relationship and service.

The overall finish of the Astoria Storm can be customised with a range of different colour options and the personalised wood accents with the choice of different wood types and stains. The design of this espresso machine is truly exquisite and commands the attention of both customers and baristas alike.

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